On November 5, 2016, after a brave 18 days of surgical recovery and pain, we lost our biggest and very loving goat Gromit to Urinary Calculi.  We did everything we could to save him from having to be put down on the day we discovered the blockage.  Two weeks later, after a roller coaster ride of getting better and then not getting better, we saw he was suffering, not thriving and made the most difficult decision in our life.  It was time to make sure he suffered no more and went over the rainbow bridge where a whole field of overgrowth waited for him.  There is a hole in our herd without him.  Wallace, his brother seems lost still – and I am hoping Manny will fill his void.  Browse on Gromit, browse on.

Gromit - Gone but not forgotten.
Gromit – Gone but not forgotten.
Gromit – Will always be remembered as my model Goat. The one that is on my trailer…”Please sir can I have some more?” RIP…