Lots of Poison Ivy in your yard this year? Have YOU come in contact with it and now are sporting a red, itchy rash all over your arms, legs, hands, or worse, neck or face? For generations, the Abenaki Indians used Sweet Fern (Comptonia Pergrina) because it works! Our Goat Herder uses this all natural remedy at the first sign of a poison ivy rash and it stops the itching fast, cools that constant burning and speeds the healing. We know it works because we use it after standing in a field of it all day with our goats.

As of June 2016 we’ve just harvested and dried our first crop and now you can buy it dry – and make the tea yourself; or NEW: you can buy the spray, with sweet fern and peppermint oil in 1 oz or 2 oz bottles. Made in Candia, NH from plants grown in Candia NH.  Here’s the details on how to buy:

Dry: $15.99
1 oz Spray Bottle: $12.99
2 oz. Spray Bottle: $15.99